BLOG 2020


For four years now I have been covering this short course to four groups who are keen to find out more about photography, from the very basics to putting together a full studio set up. The students have ten areas for their final photographic portfolio to cover, a single image needs to cover a wide range of subjects which include portraits, landscape, nature and photojournalism photography. Each lesson covers a brief overview of each subject along with a practical element, the main focus using the Nikon DSLR's in manual modes.

I have put together the lessons with some of my images alongside photographers who are specialists in their field, the first week was portraiture and documentary photography, Don McCullin and David Bailey featured alongside Rene Burri and Annie Leibovitz. You seem to forget how old you are when no one knows who David Bailey is! So far it has been an enjoyable start to the lecturing and with all of the students enthusiastic about their photography and photoshop lectures, their is also an element of the history of photography. The next few weeks we will be using the studio set up with the multiple Bowen's lights that are a standard set up in the EDA studio at Kent University, i'll also have some models and athletes that I have worked with over the years for some practical sessions in the studio.