BLOG 2020


The School has excellent teaching and research laboratories. Research capability is supported by three research facilities (Biomolecular Science, Biological NMR and Cell Image Analysis) with an impressive range of equipment including high-definition mass spectrometry, 600 MHz NMR spectroscopy, and super-resolution confocal microscopy. The School also has specialist equipment in fast reaction kinetics, fermentation, anaerobic sample handling, automated sample handling and class 3 containment.

This in depth technology and research highlights the level of expertise that is at the University and these portraits will promote each individual, the University of Kent and also the areas that are constantly being updated and taught to the students.

The photos were taken with a mix of Profoto lighting, sometimes just the A1 hand held or on a stand, and the more powerful B2 paired up to create some clean and also atmospheric portraits in the laboratories. Due to the layout of the panels the majority had to be taken in the traditional portrait mode, almost a rarity these days as a lot of my work is taken in landscape mode to accommodate for various social media platforms.