BLOG 2020


Think of any iconic Ferrari from over the last thirty years and the Testarossa would be in the top three, an iconic super car that was in competition at the time with Lamborghini's outrageous Countach. The car was made even more famous by appearing in 80's cop drama Miami Vice, although its fair to say the white one in the TV series wasn't that popular. This example is on sale now at super car specialist, Atelier Petworth in west Sussex and up for £125,000, the prices of these cars is on the rise now and with only 14,000 miles and in Rossa Red with the Cremates leather interior its one of the best examples out there.

The cars aerodynamics, especially with the fins in the doors still make it look futuristic, plus the 4.9 litre flat 12 mated to a manual gearbox is a dream to drive. The car was produced in 1984 to 1991, this example being one of the last produced before the 512TR facelift was brought in. As ever with any car photography shoot the photos had to cover the standard front, rear, three quarter angles and plenty of interior detailed photos. All were lit with a trio of Profoto lights, on an overcast day the lights just give a punch of saturation and detail to the overall photos.