BLOG 2020


Alpine secured a victory in the '73 Monte Carlo rally when Jean-Claude Andruet and co-driver Biche won the friars ever round of the newly created World Rally Championship in the number 18 electric blue Alpine Berlinette. The new model was introduced just over a year ago and has won praise from the motoring press worldwide, its 1.8 turbo powered engine and lightweight body make it an outright sports car that doesn't command big numbers to produce a fun package at an affordable price.

Towards the end of last year the S model was introduced, with higher engine power and a focused suspension setup, A110S offers an intense sports car driving experience. The chassis is tuned for ultimate handling response and steering precision while the engine is optimised for thrilling power delivery. Unique styling elements such as black wheels and carbon flags emblems, orange brake calipers and Dinamica upholstery mirror the car’s purposeful character.

I have had the chance to drive bothy model back to back at Thruxton race circuit and last week on the roads of Bromley, proving this car although set top more for track use is still a great all rounder. Thanks to Gavin at Alpine Centre Orpington for putting on the event at Langley Park golf club, it provided a chance for current owners to drive the new model and for potential owners to test it on an everyday environment. Looking forward to doing a full shoot on the car soon, and maybe another drive.