BLOG 2019


Thames Underwriting are an experienced underwriting team with in-house underwriters ready to make immediate decisions. Providing access to Lloyds & Company Market and A rated security. The team are based in Leigh On Sea, Essex where the portrait session took place...
I had been commissioned by a London based public relations agency to photograph the Thames Underwriting team, on an early midweek morning the sun was appearing which would turn out to be its arrival for the hottest day of the year on record. With twenty three portraits and some group photos it was key to get a good location, and as the sun started to rise I needed a space where it wasn't going to be overpowering. With this in mind the entrance to the companies offices, secluded by a property next door gave me nice lighting, using the Profoto B2, a compact 250 watt portable light system that with the addition of a honeycomb grid gave a nice natural look to the photos.

Once the individual portraits were taken I then covered some group photos as well as some candid images of the management team in conversation, these images will be used on the companies website as well as press releases and social media outlets.