BLOG 2019


Home of the world famous Goodwood Revival and Members' Meeting, the historic Goodwood Motor Circuit combines all the nostalgia of the golden era of motorsport with sleek 21st-century technology. Today it held the second Stangfest track day event...
Driving down from Kent to the beautiful Sussex countryside early Friday morning was the perfect start to the day, with driver signing on at 7.30am I arrived in plenty of time as the attendees started to turn up, the roar of the V8’s echoing around the paddocks was a glorious alarm call to the surrounding countryside.

In its second year, StangFest is a chance for classic and modern Mustang owners to put their car on track as the historic circuit, today was a 105db noise limit which meant the V8’s has the chance to open up on track at full pelt. Their were static display and prizes to be won, these included best classic and track car, with 40 cars in attendance on track from a photographic viewpoint it made for some epic action shots, a real sleeper was a highland green classic which was supercharged flying past some of the modern S550 models.

If you haven’t been to a track day before then Goodwood sis a good starting point, it’s a short circuit, easy to remember with six sweeping bends, a chicane and to long straights and the marshall’s make the day relaxed and fun. With only ten cars on track for each session you also don’t get clogged up in traffic and your then allowed to learn the circuit and improve on your lap time and skill throughout the day.

After lunch I done a couple of sessions, I’ve been around the track a few times before in BMW’s and love the sweeping bends and high speed straights, in the Mustang I was looking forward to attacking the circuit more then ever before, with some mods added a few days before at Perfect Touch in Stevenage, Steeda linear springs, K brace and engine strut brace the car is totally transformed, it attacks the bends with precision and vigour now and I can’t help wondering why the car wasn’t set up like this before for the European market.

As the day came to a close it was time for Reuben Grech, founder of Mustangs Unleashed, Guy Tomlinson from fellow sponsors Nemesis Performance and Ian Kirby, chairman of the Mustang owners club of GB to hand out the trophies to the winners from the day.

Once we were all packed up Guy and the team from Nemesis fired a new Anderson composites carbon fibre rear deck lid, they fitted it with ease and I’ll be visiting them very soon to see what else can be added to the Stang, thinking now the car is lowered it could do with some spacers to make the wheels sit more flush with the arches. A blast back to Kent and a free flowing M25 wrapped up a perfect day.