BLOG 2019


Brands Hatch Morgan held their annual track day at the historic Goodwood motor racing circuit. The day had over forty Morgans from the early 1930's to the modern day range, with novice drivers to regular visitors to the stunning location of the Goodwood Road & Racing Club...
I have covered the Morgan track day photography at Goodwood for a decade years, the day is always very relaxed and has a mix of novice drivers and seasoned track day drivers. The drive down from Kent is always enjoyable, as once you are off the motorways the roads that lead to Goodwood are open and full of stunning scenery. Morgans come in all shapes and sizes as the recent addition of the three wheeler makes it an eclectic mix in the pits and on track, I always cover a story of the day so it really is a creative day of car photography plus candids of the drivers and their friends who have come along to enjoy the experience.

Two cameras and two lenses, the 70-200mm F2.8, and the ever flexible 14-24mm mm F2.8, this was mainly used for the tracking photos during the group lap of the circuit. I covered the whole of the circuit on foot, this made for a variety of images rather then just along the start finish straight and chicane. The day was perfect with constant sunshine and deep blue saturated skies that enhanced the cars even more on track.