BLOG 2019


Adele Quittenden has just almost been running her new business Once Upon the Mat for a year now, the company is a mobile yoga class that is based on youngsters to focus upon their imagination whilst also giving them exercise in a fun and visual way...
Each and every time a child partakes in a Once Upon the Mat yoga classes, they will experience and delve not just their own personal inquiry, but through the adventures of story and journey, they will travel through a fictional world of possibilities and realm of imagination.

Whilst Once Upon the Mat offers breakfast/after-school sessions, assemblies and educational workshops, the companies main vision is to embed yoga practice into your school's existing curriculum. Their innovative sessions provide schools with a new concept to further support the existing holistic curriculum. Classes have been carefully developed to embrace the National Curriculum and incorporates its aims, targets and objectives built around the concept of mindfulness.

The photography brief was to capture a session in action, this was the second photo shoot I had covered for Adele and with more youngsters and some set topics the images will work in addition to last years photo shoot. The session was taken at my offices at the Canterbury Innovation Centre, the key was to make it look like a classroom based area, so the images had to be tight and highlight the children and parents, showcasing also Adele's home made sets.