BLOG 2019


The Dairy restaurant, based in Boughton, Kent near the City of Canterbury is a family run business, producing food of the finest quality using locally sourced produce. Today I had the privilege to photograph and taste their new menu...
The venue at 40 The Street in Boughton has housed several family businesses in its time, but good quality food in a relaxed, countryside setting has been an important theme throughout. Back in the 1930s, the building was home to Boughton’s South View Dairy, which housed a tea room. The Martin family has built the business around this theme, taking you back to what was once the heart of the village. Custom-made milk bottle lights align the bar alongside vintage milk churn stools. The local cheese is exquisite, as are the Dairy milkshakes (and served in milk bottles, of course).

The photography was to highlight the new menu, with a vast number of new dishes the food photos took place over two days. Using the natural light from the restaurants large windows gave a natural look to all of the dishes, the only addition to enhance the dishes was a large Lastolite try-grip reflector. Alongside the food photography I was asked to capture some of the fine wines, and details of the interior and exterior that give The Dairy its charm and character.