BLOG 2019


Steeda are an American tuning company that specialise in the Ford Mustang, with the Simply Mustang owners club they hosted a driving day event at North Weald airfield in Essex, I was covering the photography for Fast Ford magazine...
Their was a host of Mustangs at the event, from early mid 90's models right up to the current S550 shape, a lot of these cars had been heavily modified and Motorsport and Performance had their current demonstrator at the event, currently pushing out in excess of 800 bhp with more to follow! The brief from Fast Ford magazine was to capture the excitement of the day, showcasing some action images, static displays and the drivers as well.

The article and photos will be used in a future issue of the magazine as they are looking to push the American muscle car more now among their readers, specially as it is a car that can be so easily modified, not just in performance but interior and exterior styling as well.