BLOG 2018


Marking 250 years since Cook’s first voyage to the Pacific, the Royal Academy of Arts in conjunction with my client and sponsors, Insight Investment, celebrate the dazzling and diverse art of the region of Oceania, from the historic to the contemporary...
Insight Investment are the sponsors of various exhibitions that take place at the Royal Academy of Arts, the photography this evening was to cover their hosting of the Oceania artwork that is on display in the galleries, this also included a private tour for the attendees.

The photography brief was to capture the guests enjoying the stunning surroundings of the venue and also capturing the bartenders and food stalls that had been set up in other areas of the gallery. Lighting is always a mixture in the Royal Academy due to its various rooms, some are naturally lit, others have a warm red glow to them which then makes the ambient light darker. As the rooms were limited in terms of movement due to the food stations, waiters and guests I used the 50mm prime lens, going down to F1.4 is brings in plenty of light and is the perfect focal length to capture the people and artwork in one image. I also used another prime lens, the 20mm 1.8 Nikon wide angle, this was set up on a tripod for the exterior and wider interior images of the rooms.

Insight Investment will use these images in a follow up newsletter to their clients as well for promoting other events through the year.