BLOG 2018


Been a really busy year so far for head shot photography in Kent and London, recently I had a mix of clients, from Colleges to CEO's in London for a national company...
Portrait photography has played a large part in this years photography calendar, the majority being in the educational sector. Recently Kent University Bioscience department commissioned me to cover over one hundred and seventy head shots for their complete work force. Changing the scenario and location last week a visit to the Institute of Directors in London was the location for the Link Scheme Directors and CEO's to update their website imagery, the building is very regal and the client asked for something more modern, the use of some natural light mixed with the ambient lighting behind and table lamps gave a warm but modern feel to the portraits.

On Friday CATS College booked me to cover their admin and teachers portraits, just a short trip to the centre of Canterbury where again a mix of window light and the use of the Profoto A1 provided some subtle but complimentary fill lighting, the honeycomb grids work so well to soften the light coming through as well. These photos will be used for the website and a large notice board in their reception area.