BLOG 2018


Brooklands Museum has been the host for my car photography workshops now for eight years, in that time I have had a great variety of cars for the photographers to capture against the stunning historic landscape...
Today their was a really diverse mixture of cars on display for the attendees to photograph, these included a brand classic MK VW Golf GTI, Lotus Seven, a pink 1976 Cadillac, Aston Martin DB9, Mini Cooper JCW and a my Ford Mustang, a new Corvette Grand Sport, two Stingrays and a stunning pair of TVR's.

The format for the day is to start off in the airfield, this is where a variety of aircraft are parked up for the public to view, Concorde heads up the display and makes for some great wide angled images, plus underneath the carriage it works for some more interesting compositions. Before lunch we then set off to the banking, always an amazing setting as back in the day the likes of the Napier were flying around at speeds of 200 mph, hard to believe when you drive around it now. The day concluded with all of the cars being separated around the museum site, the backdrop of the classic garages works really well for some group images.

On the day the people who attended ranged from novices to experienced photographers, with such a mix of cars on offer it gives everyone a chance to capture a nice mix of portfolio images, plus we can place the vehicles exactly where we want to for some atmospheric and individual photographs. The next courses for 2019 will be announced soon, for updates please contact me and I can let you know the dates as soon as possible.