BLOG 2018


Kayak for Blackthorn is the brainchild of Susie Chassagne and at the end of July she will be covering a stretch of white water rapids in the Alps, with only seven months of training it is a massive challenge, but with the supervision of experts in this field she is now ready to take on the adventure ahead of her. I am proud to be a sponsor and also the official photographer for the trip...
In July 2018 Susie will be embarking on a white water kayaking trip in the French Alps to raise £10,000 for the Blackthorn Trust. Most people wouldn’t embark on this kind of adventure without having spent at least a couple of years learning the necessary techniques, whereas Susie has just 6 months to prepare herself. The money raised will go towards the building of a new physic garden, a beautiful and peaceful space, generously designed by landscape architect Marian Boswall, which will benefit not only our service users but also the local community.

The journey began in December 2017 when the idea came about, and if your going to test yourself then the Alps is the Summer destination for white water kayakers. Sponsorship has come from Kent based companies, Barretts Land Rover are donating a Discovery Sport for the trip, PR company and design agency Roff & Co have built the website and kept Susie's adventures up to date on social media, PFPR automotive agency have helped with advice and connections and Canterbury BNI have assisted with contributions from many of its members, South East Coachworks have also recalled the vehicle up for the adventure. The photography will be to document the trip plus Susie's run down the treacherous street of water in the Alps. Keep up to date with me and #kayakforblackthorn on social media.