BLOG 2018


Haynes Of Maidstone, Kent’s first Ford dealer had asked me to cover some daytime and night time photography of their showroom. The photos were to show the modern design and outlay of the dealership for a new marketing campaign...
Established in 1790 in London, Haynes Bros Ltd is now the holding company for a group of subsidiary companies operating throughout the South East. Moving to Kent in 1832, the Company was the first in the county to take on the Ford Motor Company franchise in 1911 and then sell and distribute the complete range of Ford cars, trucks and agricultural machinery.

The Ford dealership is on two tiers and displays all of the models in the vast range of one of the countries top selling marques. The majority of the car dealer photos were taken on a tripod, this time of year it doesn’t get dark until alomost 10pm so a late visit one evening gave me the chance to capture some atmospheric imagery of the impressive new showroom that sits on the ring road just outside the town centre. The chosen images will be used for billboard, website and bus shelters.