BLOG 2018


Brooklands Museum was the base for some portraits of vintage vocalist Noelle Vaughn, I also had amateur photographer `Graham Nash alongside for a one to one fashion photography training session...
Noel Vaughn is a jazz singer and vintage vocalist and covers international vintage events, wedding entertainment and corporate functions across the UK and Europe. Noel has been a regular on my fashion photography courses over the last two years and had a variety of outfits on the day for a mix of different looks.

The one to one worked well as Graham had only done some studio shoots in the past, we went through the use of a reflector, using natural light as well indoors and also the benefits of shooting in to the sun as its was an overcast day to start with but later in the day the sun was high ups and moved away from any cloud cover. For my portraits of Noelle I used a 50mm prime lens and outside the 70-200mm telephoto lens. I have a fashion photography course at Brooklands on Sunday 5th August, still some spaces left, please contact me for more information.