BLOG 2018


Neil Thomas is the proprietor of the Little Wood Shed, a joinery business based in Faversham. Continuing my joint promotion with I Do Marketing which includes a Linked in training workshop and portraits for social media...
Established in 2010 the Little Wood Shed are a friendly bespoke joinery business based in Faversham. Specialising in built in and free standing furniture for residential and commercial applications. The portraits took place in Neil's workshop situated just outside of Faversham, Kent. Neil wanted to update his profile portraits on social media and also for use on his website which is in the process of having an update.

I used two Profoto lights, the small and compact A1 alongside the 500 watt B1, this had the addition of a snoot fitted to it so that the light was more controlled and focused on Neil. Using the smaller light gave a variety of side light and back lighting, this created a more natural light source in Neil's workshop.