BLOG 2018


One of the warmest days of the year so far and a days photography in the sunshine for the University of Kent Politics department, the coverage was mainly for a workshop that the students had put together covering global issues...
The rapidly expanding School of Politics and International Relations has a strong international research profile in conflict and security, regional and comparative politics, and political and social theory. Since 2008, research expertise has been expanded within four internationally significant research centres: the Centre for Federal Studies (CFS); Conflict Analysis Research Centre (CARC); Centre for Critical Thought (CCT); and Global Europe Centre (GEC).

The photographs taken today will be used for the politics departments website, social media and various other promotional outlets to promote the University of Kent's ever expanding department. Although their was plenty of sunshine I still used an ff camera studio light, the Profoto A1 is hand held and portable making it ideal for an assistant to hold at exactly the right angle, shooting against the sun or in the shade it has enough light to work in tandem with the TTL system of the Nikon DSLR's.