BLOG 2018


Yiannis Christodoulou is part of the Great Britain Aquathlon squad and I have been covering the photography for him since 2015. The sports portrait photos are partly to show off some of his new training kit (which I am proudly a sponsor) and some action photos, this is to attract new sponsors and to raise his profile..
Yiannis regularly trains at the Kings School recreation centre situated in Canterbury, we had access to the swimming pool to capture some action photos and some portraits which would be a little different to the location ones we done later on in the day. This is a regular training and completion setting for training and worked well to show off the new athletics kit that had just been branded with Yiannis sponsors on.

Lighting was used against the sun, again the flexibility and power of the Profoto B2 powered over the bright sun with ease, the snoot attachment gave a very focused spot of lighting, it also gives a strong contrast and with its flexibility is easy to position against the sun. The portable hand held Profoto A1 light was used for its compactness at the side of the swimming pool and gave me a much more focused light for the atmospheric portraits.