BLOG 2018


University of Kent Engineering and Digital Arts had an open day which showed off the facilities to future students, it also made for a good variety of photographs that can be used on the University website...
Two photography sessions for the University of Kent, covering the Engineering and Digital Arts department, followed by the Bio Science laboratories. The EDA had an open day, with all of the various labs and studios set up for visiting students it gave a good opportunity to cover a new set of photographs for them, my last session was three years ago so a refresh was needed, plus the parameters of the website had changed as well. My brief was to capture students and staff engaging with visitors alongside some staged and natural images of current EDA students and tutors working in a variety of disciplines.

I chose to use the Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art lens on the full frame Nikon D850 for the majority of photographs, this allowed me to use a narrower frame within the 3:2 ration as the majority of the images will be sued on the new Kent University website which are a letterbox affair. The photos will be used by EDA for other marketing purposes, print, digital media and other online outlets.