BLOG 2018


Stannah based in Hampshire are the UK's leading independent supplier of lift products supplying goods ranging from loading systems, platform lists and stairlifts...
Founded in 1867 in London as a crane and hoist manufacturer, Stannah began to produce lifts shortly Last year they celebrated 150 years since Joseph Stannah started the business in Bankside, London, making cranes and hoists to move goods around the bustling docks of the industrial revolution.

I had two jobs in Kent to cover for Stannah, showing again the variety of industries that they cover. The first was at Imperial Green, a high end residential development were their lifts had been installed in an apartment block, with views across the English Channel this development really has a high end feel to it. The photos are to show the lifts in situ and also being used, doors opening and closing plus also some exterior photos showing the location of the installations.

A couple of days later I was off to Maidstone and the historic Museum which had been recently developed, part of this modern frontage was to also include a new lift. The problem for the install is that the building is listed so the unit had to be a standalone affair and not in anyway effect the exterior walls. The integration was thoughtfully designed as from the various access floors in to the museum the lift was hidden by a partition so that it was not on show at all. I used the 14-24mm wide angle zoom lens for the photos with the addition of a tripod, ideal for the slower shutter speeds that I required to show the movement of people and the sliding doors.