BLOG 2017


Central London was the location on a Friday morning to cover the portrait photography of CEO and partner of RegTek, Brian and Lloyd had travelled from their US office in New York for a series of meetings before heading off to Germany in the afternoon, so time was limited...
RegTek is the new home of the Report-it suite of software controls for Global Trade and Transaction Reporting. I had a short amount of time to photograph Briand and Lloyd, together and separately. As Biran is the CEO my brief was to capture a variety of images of him, the London offices based at Fore Street in Moorgate provided a mixture of backdrops, these included a terrace that allowed for office blocks to be used as a backdrop.

Lighting was with the Profoto B2 portable flash unit, shooting with High Speed Sync allowed me to use a shallow depth of field, emphasising the subject against a diffused backdrop. As these portraits will be used globally it was important that the backgrounds were generic rather then notable London landmarks.