BLOG 2017


Citroen have just introduced a mini SUV, the new C3 Aircross which is a more rugged version of its C3 super mini hatchback. The car photography took place in Canterbury and Chilham Village...
The new Citro├źn C3 Aircross stands apart in the world of SUVs with its fresh, powerful and original attitude. Styling is robust and protective, with a high bonnet underlined by chrome-finish chevrons incorporating an LED light signature, making it an interesting car to photograph.

Prefigured by the C-Aircross concept, the rear quarterlights are made of polycarbonate with a coloured layer in the centre, creating a strong graphic contrast on each rear pillar, the model that I had to photograph for Barretts Citroen was finished in metallic Misty Grey with a dog tooth black and grey interior. The car is an easy drive and although marketed as an SUV it is still compact and easy to manoeuvre, ideal for the photo shoot which took place in the village of Chilham just outside of Canterbury, with a few photos in the heart of the town centre with the iconic Westgate Towers in the background.

The lighting was with a single Profoto B1 location flash, this added some detail and contrast to the metallic paintwork and empathised the diamond cut alloy wheels and the tinted rear windows.