BLOG 2017


McBrides accountants are based in Foots Cray, near Sudcup and currently are hosting an exhibition of my architectural photography of London. They had also asked me to take some photos of the local scenery which would be used as artwork at there head office...
Summer has been and gone all too quickly so I had to plan the day before and make sure that the weather was going to be sunny first thing, as luck would have it the forecast was correct and arriving at Foots Cray just before 6.30am gave me some early morning sun as it started to rise above the local park just a few minutes from McBrides offices.

Around the area were local landmarks including the five arches bridge, a popular place for dog walkers, joggers and locals to enjoy the countryside on the outskirts of the town. I had done a recce a few weeks prior and had been pointed to some areas and landmarks which people would know. I covered a mix of portrait and landscape images which would give the final selection for their office walls a bit easier. I used the 70-200mm zoom lens and ultra wide 14-24mm lenses, the decision on the images will be made shortly by the team at McBrides.