BLOG 2017


Photographing supercars is always a delight, but when its one of the most respected and iconic ones ever made its a bit special. The Ferrari F40 was photographed in Hertfordshire last week for auction group RM Sotheby's...
Ferrari produced the F40 to mark the companies 40th anniversary, powered by a 478 bhp twin turbo V8 the car set the world alight by shattering the 200mph mark, this made it the world's fastest production car. Capable of reaching 0–60 mph in just 4.7 seconds and a mind-boggling 0–100 mph in just 8.3 seconds, the F40 was truly more of a race car than a street car. This perception is reinforced by the iconic racing-inspired rear wing, carbon composite and steel tube chassis and fully independent double-wishbone suspension, all of which is more at home on the track than the highway.

This particular example is a left hand drive which has one of the non cat, non adjust European specs, making it even more desirable. The car has been certified by Ferrari Classiche which confirms its provenance and history. The car is in Rosso Red which from a photography point of view is always tricky to get spot on, the addition of a pair of Profoto lights and some dappled light seeping through the surrounding tree line allowed me to control the light, set against the greenery and storage container at the dealers site the colour stands out even more.

The brief from RM Sotheby's classic and sports car auction house is to capture the car from various angles, close ups of the classic numbers, deal on the seats and showing how immaculate the car is. It is the photos that will lead the interest in to the car, this particular car has 38,000 km on it and has been cherished due to its immaculate appearance and service history. With an estimate of £775,000-£975,000 its certainly the most expensive car I have ever driven. The auction takes place on Wednesday 6th September at Battersea in London.