BLOG 2017


After a busy weeks automotive photography it was nice to end it on a sunny Sunday morning with a trio of Jaguar sports cars, the new F Type and a pair of timeless classics, the D Type and E Type which is constantly described as one of the most beautiful cars in the world...
Jaguar;s heritage has always been in racing, the Lynx built D Type was number 36 of 54 built and resplendent in British Racing green was at home in the woodlands setting in Surrey. The red E Type had been set up for hill climbing and looked stunning, the bright red paintwork really popped out against the wooden barn and tree lined driveway, next to its all new equivalent the F Type the pair would grace anyones car collection. I had photographed the British Edition F Type last year for Barretts Jaguar in Canterbury, after seeing the photos the new owner of the car then put me in touch with a friend who had the other Jags, so after comparing diaries and the weather the date was set for a photo shoot.

Bizarrely over the years I have never photographed the D and E Type together, the lighting was as usual with the Profoto B1 and B2 set up, the beauty of the remote flash units is that they can hide behind trees or other vehicles and still be set off even though not in the line of sight. I used the dapple light coming through from the large Oak tree to bring out areas of the cars, with the E Type it worked really well, the lighting then filling in the shaded areas. The Jaguar classic sports car photography took most of the morning, after chatting to the owners about cars and drinking cups of coffee it allowed me to work with the sun as it moved around the large area that I had to photograph in.