BLOG 2017


Profoto have been in the UK for a number of years now, the swedish company have a reputation with photographers worldwide for quality and innovative portable lighting units that can work for any photography assignment...
Location photography often needs a helping hand, whether by clever use of natural light or the introduction of artificial light. The problem in the past has been flash looking to false and studio lighting being too cumbersome, until Profoto came along with their innovative lightweight portable flash units.

I have had the 500 watt B1 unit for three years now and it is a mainstay for my automotive work, last week I added the 250 watt more compact Profoto B2 to the kit and the results on its own and paired with the B1 have been superb. The main head is compact and also has the option to mount on the hotshot of a DSLR, light stand or hand held. Their is a lead that then plugs in to the main battery pack, with a shoulder strap it is portable and allows you to roam around freely. I love the B2 as its perfect for interior photos, the B1 is quiet a large unit and their is usually a lot of adjustments to get this finer detail images.

The images are from sessions last week, portraits, automotive photography of an Aston Marin DB5 and a watch photo, the reflective face makes it difficult to capture, by using the pair of lights I was able to cut down the reflection and get a clean sharp image throughout. I opted for the honeycomb grids (pack of 3) as the light shaping tools for the B2, these allow a varying degree of light spread, perfect for portraiture or product photography.