BLOG 2017


Lord Mayor Charles Metcalfe hosted a dinner and dance charity event at Cathedral Lodge situated in the grounds of Canterbury Cathedral. Motor group Barretts of Canterbury were the main sponsors of the event that had 200 guests attend...
Canterbury cathedral Lodge is a venue I know really well, with the evening drawing in I knew that I would need to use a fast lens to capture the guests enjoying the reception and dinner, with this in mind the Sigma 85mm 1.4 Art lens was used, for the wider images the 14-24mm Nikon was on the D810 to cover these images.

The brief was to capture the event with guests mingling and enjoying the music supplied by a choir and group of classical musicians. Lighting was subdued but the fast 85mm lens coped well with the conditions, no flash needed as the ambient light mixed with the wide open apertures brought a warmth to the images.