BLOG 2017


During the last month I have been a guest lecturer at the University of Kent, covering a range of photography disciplines that will lead to he students providing a basis for their final project of nine individual images...
Over the course of the seminars their has been a practical element as well, this has been time in the studio with Bowens lighting, also I have sent the students out on campus to capture some subjects that are included in the final piece of work, these include portraits, still life, nature and photojournalism.

The Digital SLR is a computer these days, allowing the photo to be manipulated in camera, or by manual operations where with the use of exposure controls, depth of field and good lighting the final image hardly needs any photo editing at all.

As the weeks move on I am doing one to ones with the students to cover their work as it nears completion for their deadline in mid March. I have used one of the students nature images Diana Cojocaru. at the foot of the photo montage, a great abstract image.