BLOG 2017


Product photography is generally a mix of studio and lifestyle imagery, recently I was asked to take some images for a local company who had manufactured a large suitcase that was being promoted to large businesses as a portable back up office...
Crisis case is produced to supply a remote boardroom, this could be due to a major "crisis" that stops a company from working in their usual location, with the portable office everything is supplied inside in terms of separate bags that have various tools to make the company mobile and working remotely.

The photos were taken at my office, some in a studio setting and others outside of the Innovation centre which provides a modern backdrop to the case, it also shows the size and portability of it. The brief was to cover some photos of the whole case, individual storage cases that are inside the case, and also close up details of the product. Again all of the images were lit with the Profoto B1 remote flash, using various power settings to light the suitcase to show depth and detail.