BLOG 2017


Shepherd Neame last year had a new branding put in place, not an easy task for a company that has over 350 pubs and with their vats range of products and premises the overall changes will take a number of years, today I was photographing some of the first pubs to receive their new signage...
Signage is the first image you have of a pub, they are usually fairly standard fare and have a painting depicting the public house name. Shepherd Neame didn't have a set style for their pubs with the new signs, as they wanted to make them individual to each location and also to have a distinct character relating to the area. Four locations were used to show the diversity of the artwork and style, the Black Boy in Sevenoaks, Coastguard in St Margaret's outside of Dover, East Kent in Whitstable and finally the Millers Arms in Canterbury.

As you can see from the various images each style is different, the Coastguard has one of the more traditional style designs depicting a coastal scene that mimics the pun and its location set against the white cliffs of Dover. The most intricate one was the metal design of the East Kent, the dragon at the centre of the design is lifted from the sign giving a three dimensional effect which was important to capture in the photographs.

The locations and styles of the products photographed meant that a mix of lenses had to be used, the 300mm prime telephoto was ideal for the signs that were set high up, alongside this the 70-200mm zoom covered the other areas giving a great flexibility for the distant shots and tighter cropped angles.