BLOG 2017


Photography is always full of a variety of subjects, with my photography courses covering the automotive sector Sussex based portrait photographer Adorn contacted me as he was looking to venture in to editorial car photography work and needed some training on composition and lighting. The session took place at Barretts Jaguar with a mix of cars for the training session in Canterbury, Kent...
Using the location of Barretts Jaguar was the perfect base for some location photos, just around the corner at Tower House and also the Jag showroom, this blended together natural lighting and artificial which were the areas that Adorn wanted to cover. With each car comes a series of challenges, angles, colours, reflection and also whether to use natural light or add off camera flash and lights to the final image.

We went through some of the basics of capturing the key angles of the cars in terms of exteriors and interior photos, then covered the more abstract angles, this is where using the exposure compensation helps in adding depth and contrast to those detail shots that add to the overall series of photographs. We needed the afternoon session with some static photos in the showroom, the use of a tripod was necessary for the wider photos and also a 50mm prime lens helped for some interior photos. If you are interested in any car photography or other areas of digital imaging then please contact me, location courses at Brooklands Museum are available and can be found under the training section of this website.