BLOG 2017


Ottewills are a silversmiths and jeweller based in Ashford, Kent and have a reputation worldwide for quality and care whether it is a small trophy for a club or silverware for Manchester United football club...
Girlings solicitors commissioned me to cover the editorial photography at Ottewills silversmiths who are based in Ashford, Kent. The Kent based solicitors have had Ottewills as a client for a number of years and have recently undertaken work for the company where they had a client whose work had to be transported across Europe and the story will appear in the Girlings newsletter which goes out to clients and industry related companies.

The process which the company uses for all of their work is to the most demanding standards and within the hour I had available I covered a snapshot of the companies Ashford team working thorough various processes to compacts the final intricate designs. I used the 50mm prime lens for the photos, the shallow depth of field lost any distractions in the background and focused on the silversmiths and designers working away.