BLOG 2022


This year has been a mix of automotive and commercial work, the continuing car photography has seen a variety of classic and modern vehicles for magazines, online auction sites and motoring events all over the UK...
I have included a few of the highlights with my top ten to be featured before the end of the New Year still deciding! The car magazine photography is always one of my favourite areas, finding the cars, locations and then working with the weather conditions which have provided some amazing lighting conditions.

I have also covered some private car photoshoots for owners, a lot of work for Retro Electrics who convert classic cars in to modern electric charge cars. In terms of magazines this has covered a broad spectrum from BMW car magazine, Fast Ford, Mini magazine, Mercedes Enthusiast and other national and International publications. I'll be ending the tear next week with a section of classic Minis; one which is for sale at £155,000, watch this space for a sneak preview.

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