BLOG 2022


The four performance Ford's were all very different, a monstrous Shelby Mustang GT 500 with 740 bhp, Fiesta ST, Focus RDS MK2 and a throw back to the seventies with a rare Escort RS 1800 in original condition.

The Mustang was a feature car for Fast Ford magazine, Ben the owner has had it for a few years and like most owners has always had it on his bucket list to tick, the car looked stunning against a warm Autumn backdrop, the sunshine stayed around for most of the day as well and the blue skies worked well with the colours of all the cars. I sued a Profoto three lighting set up, some images were taken against the sun so that the lighting would fill in the shadows, the rest using the sun to pick out the paintwork and contrasting lines of the cars.

If you are after photos of your own car or would like to range a group photo shoot please get in touch with me for rates and locations available.