BLOG 2022


The four cars were all performance cars but in very different guises, age and performance. The first was David's "Green Hell" Mercedes AMG GTR, the colour is inspired by the legendary Nurburgring in Germany. The paintwork has a satin/matt finish to it so using the sunlight and Profoto lighting set up produced the perfect lighting to really show this amazing colour off in the pit lane at Thruxton.

Next up was a trio of Fords, an RS Turbo group A touring car, then a Focus ST boasting in excess of 600 bhp and then a very subtle Kuga, the one though was an Individual model with a Focus RS engine tucked under the bonnet, certainly a wolf in sheep's clothing.

The photography was for Mercedes Enthusiast magazine and Fast Ford, all the cars will be appearing in future issues of the car magazines and also will appear on the social media channels of the publications.