BLOG 2022


The event celebrated all aspects of the Mini from the very first models produced from 1959 right up until the very latest models. The cars on display were Ed;ectoderm to say the least, cars with body shells on struts, pick ups with civic Type r engines producing 400bhp and some low down latest john copper work variants.

The trade stands showcased pretty much any part that you could want for your classic, merchandise stands were busier than ever with all sorts of Mini regalia.

The main part of the show though was on track, the Kent circuit is perfectly set up for the compact Mini and Mini Millais, Se7ens, pre 1966 racing also Ng with the showcase of the fastest Mini in the world featuring some blistering action with Harvey Death winning the morning race by a staggering 24 seconds! The racing continued with the Mini se7ens providing bumper to bumper action and the sunshine made for another successful Mini festival.