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From a classic Fiat 500 electric conversion to a 6.75 litre V8 Bentley, this stunning Brooklands edition is a the ultimate GT car with power, grace and all of the creature comforts you could ever need...
The photography of this Bentley Brooklands coupe was for Car and Classic, an online auction site that will be selling this GT car for the vendor shortly. The photogrpahy coverage for these vehicles is very in depth, highlighting all exterior angles, interiors wide and detailed areas plus any areas that need highlighting to prospective buyers.

The twin turbo powered V8 produces just over 530 bhp and with the pillar less frames make this cars lines look so clean, the soundproofing on the car is another level with plush carpets throughout, even inside the boot lid and as with all Bentleys the attention to detail is second to none. Off to shoot a Rolls Royce this afternoon, and a supercharged Mini as well.

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