BLOG 2022


The location on a cold but dry Monday morning was a brand new development in Islington, London where client Watkins were installing a set of new heat pumps, on the seventh floor and asked me to document the days events...
The Fairview apartments are in Islington with a view of the Emirates stadium, home to Arsenal FC. The photography was to capture the complete delivery to install of the heat pumps, eight in total. The images will be used on the Watkins social media sites and their own website to show the days events, there will be a return journey to shoot the finished set up when everything is all linked up and working.

There was very little space to move around on the roof area and with health and safety in mind I chose to use the flexible 14-30mm wide lens, this showed a lot of the work going on, including the large static crane that was bringing the heat pumps from the ground up to the seventh floor.

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