BLOG 2022


Lotus Exige 240R Build No.17 of 18 RHD cars ever produced. Many special features were changed or added to this edition to create a track ready road missileā€¦ While retaining things like leather, electric windows and air conditioning. A total build of just 50 cars were made in 2005 and sold out upon release. To see one in the flesh let alone one for sale is very unusual as the majority are in collections and a very desirable future classic in the making.

I can't believe the weather for January, a bit cold but Autumnal skies and the late afternoon sun is low down and perfect for balancing the Profoto lighting against some atmospheric skies. The car park with the yellow markings matched the stealth black Exige and its yellow accents perfectly. If you would like professional car photos of your pride and joy please get in touch, I cover all over the UK and also can do car club group shoots as well.