BLOG 2022


I have been covering car photography for Performance Mini magazine for just over four years, always a diverse range of modified hot hatches to cover especially in recent months...
Three very different modded Minis, the most recent being Devon's JCW and James' wide bodied JCW, similar power and upgrades but the grey JCW has a stealthier look, whereas James has gone for the full on in your face approach.

The wide bodied stance has been a popular modification in the car scene for a long time now, recently the Mini has seen this too good and not so good effect, so getting hold fo Geoff's white John Copper Works last year was a real bonus, the one thing we are always after in the car magazines are really good quality builds, these cars take time to get perfect and the owners have put a lot of care and attention in to the finished product. Got a classic or modified Mini? Then please drop me a line, you'll see more of my work @jasondoddphotos on instagram

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