BLOG 2022


The first car shoot of the year took place at North Weald airfield in Essex at the weekend, Seb's Fiesta ST has been heavily modified and with 334 bhp it not only looks quick as it can back it up with a wealth of modifications...
I touched base with Seb middle of last year, his Fiesta ST was touching 260 bhp back then, six months later after he got back in touch it was now pushing just under 340 bhp and pretty much how he wanted the car spec wise and cosmetically. The bright red ST with engine, suspension, styling modifications didn't need too much lighting to make it really pop, and the clean backdrop at North Weald airfield made a perfect location for this race bred hot hatch.

The car will feature in a forthcoming issue of Fast Ford magazine where you'll be able to read more about a real pocket rocket and Seb's story on putting together his dream car.

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