BLOG 2022


I believe this time last year we were all expecting Covid to be a thing of the past, alas it wasn't to be and although it is still around we are slowly coming to terms with it. The year of 2021 was a busy one in the latter half, plenty of amazing cars to photograph for a number of publications in print and online...
Like any one in the media sector it was a nervy year, no conferences or events inside were planned, or if they were they were low key. Fortunately a few of the big motoring events still went ahead, the two biggest being at Goodwood with the Festival of Speed and the historic Revival. Both great days and as ever amazing cars and motorbikes to photograph.

In terms of corporate work I travelled up to London a few times for Industrial photography work, portraits and some editorial work. Travel wise with the automotive photography it was covering a wide area across the UK, titles included BMW Car mag, Fast Ford, Mini mag, Performance BMW & Mini, Performance VW and Mercedes Enthusiast magazine. Loads of car shoots booked up for then the weather gets a bit warmer and we can all hopefully get back to a little more normality.

Thanks for the follows on social media and keep an eye on insta @jasondoddphotos have a great New Year!

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