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After covering a four car photography shoot in Oxford on Tuesday I made the trip back to Perfection Valet, based in Buckinghamshire for a detailing session with Richard Tipper from Perfection Valet, a chance to get the car pepped for Winter and also to get the paintwork back to a high standard.
Richard Tipper has been established in the automotive detailing world for over thirty years now, an expert in his filed with a portfolio of some of the worlds most iconic cars to his name. A visit in my humble MK5 Golf GTI for a full piano correction on Wednesday was a real opportunity to see his skills at work.

I love detailing my cars, as you'll see on my instagram page @jasondoddphotos but having a sixteen year old car I know my limitations, after meeting Richard at Goodwood a few months back I mentioned I had just acquired the GTI and it was a staff car in Performance VW magazine. We set a date and I visited PVHQ for Richard to do a full inspection and clay bar, then machine polish the Tornado Red paintwork. After a full days treatment with some incidental photography in between for the magazine the car came away gleaming, Richard's attention to detail and knowledge was incredible and now the GTI is a close to perfect as it can be for a vehicle of its age.

The full article will feature in a forthcoming edition of Performance VW soon.

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