BLOG 2021


The Lotus Carlton was based on the Lotus Omega, an executive saloon that with the British sports car badge was transformed in to a 177mph super saloon. It came in just one colour, metallic Imperial green paintwork and had subtle changes on the exterior to let you know it was a bit special. Production was from 1990-1992 when only 320 Carltons were
produced, and 630 Omegas making this a very rare car with at the time super car
performance. Low mileage examples are now becoming collectors pieces and it has iconic status in the motoring press.

The rear spoiler, cooling vents on the bonnet, a bodykit and wider wheel arches set the stance of the car, plus the additional Lotus badges on the front wings and bootlid.

The cars engine was tweaked from a standard 3 litre 24 V to a 3.6 litre with two Garrett T25 turbochargers added to give the car 377 BHP. The six speed short throw gear box added even more to the driving experience, whats even more special is that the set up was the very one from the US Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1.