BLOG 2021


The top two cars are my favourites of all time, the 911 Targa Porsche is significant as it was from the year I was born (answers on a postcard), the VW Golf is the first car I ever owned, not a GTI like Jon Carter's one unfortunately but a standard L model. The third image was shot exclusively for Atelier Petworth, Mark Spence at the wheel of a Ferrari Dino, this has been used by the company for there website and i've been using it a a lot over the years as it is a great stock image.

Last of all two Morgan sports cars on track at Goodwood motor circuit, hanging out the back of a BMW 5 Series tourer to get the Aero 8 and three wheeler duelling with each side by side. Slow shutter posed makes the cars look like they are going faster then they really well, one of my favourite photos of all time as well. Happy World Photography Day.