BLOG 2021


Balancing exquisite power and racetrack- ready driving dynamics with comfort-oriented daily commuting – it truly is a race car for every day, with 280ps and also a new 8 speed DCT with paddle shifters this car feels a lot quicker than its sub 0-60 5.9 second time.

The car has 19" forged alloy wheels with Pirelli P zero performance tyres, an active variable exhaust system to limit these pops and bangs, or enhance them! The car is also available in a six speed manual, I love a paddle shift but the manual would still get my vote as its a very slick box and just feels a bit more engaging. The red N brake callipers and performance blue paintwork really make this car stand out from the crowd.

The setting of Thruxton motor circuit provided the ideal location and prior to the course beginning I had the whole of the pit lane to myself, using the trio of Profoto lights just added in some fill in light and gave a nice punch of contrast to the wheels and interiors. Many thanks to Motorline Hyundai in Canterbury for the loan of the car, it is now available to test drive at there dealerships across the UK.