BLOG 2021


The end of the week and five of the Avante car homes in Kent and London have been covered for up to date photogrpahy, this was all due to happen at the beginning of last year but as we all know the care sector and peoples lives were seriously effected. A lot has changed in that time so the photos had even more relevance in Summer 2021...
Avante Care & Support is a not for profit organisation that cares for and supports over 1000 older people through registered nursing and dementia care homes, home care and wellbeing support services. They have been providing care and support for over 30 years and are rightly proud of the amazing services they offer.

They have ten specialist dementia and nursing care homes located across Kent, Bexley and Greenwich and they also provide home care and wellbeing support services across Bexley and Swale. The photography was very much documenting each care home and focusing on the residents and relationships with the amazing care staff, I also like to capture some off the cuff portraits, all the subjects were only too pleased to pose and be part of the days photo sessions.

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