BLOG 2021


Brands Hatch Morgan invite there customers to the historic setting of Goodwood to enjoy a day at the circuit and put the Morgan's they own through the paces, with tuition as well from the Goodwood pro drivers its a great opportunity to test the cars at this free flowing and fast circuit.

It was also a big test today for the new Nikon Z mirrorless kit, just a few days old the test was going to be how the autofocus system help up with panning the Morgans on track, pleased to say it exceeded expectations! I'll do a post on this in due course and the benefits of going mirrorless.

The weather was perfect for the track day at Goodwood, apart from a wet spell very early on the track dried out and we had some blue skies with plenty of sunshine coming through. Good to see a few three wheelers as well, they are great fun and look good against the traditional Morgan cars, plus the owners always push them hard on the track. The photos will be used by MOG magazine and also Brands Hatch Morgan for social media and promotional purposes.

If you are having a track day or event please get in touch for photography services, anywhere in the UK.