BLOG 2021


I wouldn't normally publish a blog on a car meet, but as this was the first of the year post lockdown easing for the BMW GB Kent car club and part of my monthly article for BMW Car mag it seems worthy of a plug...
I think it's fair to see everyone is eager to get out and meet up with new and familiar faces, especially when it comes to car meets. I cover car photography for BMW Car magazine and Performance BMW so these meets are a good way to find some cars for future publications, and of course to look at some great cars, classics and modern.

The car meet took place at The George pub in Trottiscliffe, like most venues they have made their garden in to a socially distanced outdoor space and the venue worked perfectly for the BMW Kent car club meet, it was also a chance to attend as a BMW owner as the M2 is now two months old and part of the car fleet in both BMW publications that I cover photography for so this would be a nice fill in for my next piece.

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